March 2021: Mental Health

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Monthly Speaker Series: Mental Health

Monthly Speaker: Dr. Jean Carter, a practicing psychotherapist in the Washington DC area and has been a president and is the current treasurer of APA.

This past year has been filled with unprecedented events such as COVID-19 with death of friends and family as well as personal illness and the divisive response to staying safe; loss of jobs; economy and housing; a presidential election and politics in general that were also very divisive; an insurrection on our Capital Building; and social justice issues such as Black Lives Matter; immigration; as well as weather and environmental issues. These and the many other issues can weigh us down and make us reflect on our past, our current situation, and grasp with the future and how it will affect all people. These can make any of us anxious, depressed, and worried so it is no wonder that people are struggling emotionally and mentally. Thankfully as a society, we are beginning to adjust from mental health issues as something to be ashamed of to understanding that it is okay seek help; although this may still seem to be a stigma.

Below are mental health resources, including a list of children’s books, pamphlets, and ideas for staying healthy. 

Mental Health Resource Documents:

PCUSA Mental Health Ministry

Mental and Spiritual Health in a time of COVID

National Institute of Mental Health